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Comments from Crete Trainees

"Lots of CV writing tips, interview techniques and what to expect, and where to look for jobs."
Richard – April 2009

"I enjoyed the Teaching Practice because it made me ready to face the real world. Instead of just observing, we really got out there and were able to apply our methods in the classroom, plus the opportunity to teach at various levels."
Eleni – April 2009

"This was a wonderful experience. My grammar has improved tremendously and I feel fully equipped to teach in the land of TEFL."
Angie – May 2009

"The course is very challenging but rewarding at the same time. I have really enjoyed the experience and made some great friends."
Craig – May 2009

"Had an amazing time and would not hesitate to tell friends and family to do the course."
Aveline – May 2009

"The course classes in grammar, etc. were really excellent."
Megan – June 2009

"The trainers certainly practice what they teach…who 'model authentically' and organize the training sessions according to the very method they are teaching the future teachers to use."
Lola – June 2009

"I am more than happy with the accommodation. The close proximity to the beach was an added bonus. It was very nice to have a good 'home' to go to at the end of the day." Jackie – June 2009

"All was well organized. My feeling was like being part of a family."
Lucia – July 2009

"Having entered with no teaching experience whatsoever I was very surprised with how capable and confident I left upon leaving. The instructors were very helpful and supportive. The program did a great job of fostering a sense of community as well."
Bryan – July 2009

"I had an amazing time here learning, teaching, and living. Thank you!"
Ashley – July 2009

"I y enjoyed it overall and although it was intense at times, I now feel a greater sense of accomplishment at having learned and done so much."
Ariana June 2008

"The quality of guidance was unsurpassable… The leader of Via Lingua excelled not only in being our teacher, but in being our guide and friend in a foreign country where many of us were unfamiliar with the language and culture."
Ellee Dean June 2008

"The trainers were incredibly helpful and always friendly. They were very patient and professional as well as approachable. Very skilled and knowledgeable in their fields of work."
Grace Sept/Oct 2008

"The teaching experience was essential and helped me realize what I am to expect once I have my own class."
Andrew Sept/Oct 2008

"Worth every penny. The course met the expectations I came in with and offered much more."
Mary 2007

"Everything exceeded my expectations. The academic staff was absolutely amazing! Thank you so much." Bethany 2007

"The accommodation was fantastic. Sea view, amenities, cost, friendly staff and cleaned every Friday."
Elia – Apr/May 2007

"Job guidance has been good quality and the effort has been made to personalize it, which is very impressive. It has been a great benefit to know the pros + cons. Thanks."
Rosie – Apr./May 2007

"A terrific library of materials. Good to have Internet access. Sensible photocopier. Worth every penny. The course met the expectations I cam in with and offered much more."
Mary – May/June 2007

"Generally, the course is very straightforward, well-organized, and helpful. I was, quite frankly, surprised because I rarely appreciate going through processes that have become standardized to any degree. But here there was plenty of room for individual interests, needs, and teaching styles while at the same time offering a broad, if compressed, exposure to the field."
Elizabeth – May/June 2007

"The teaching practice was much better than I expected. I didn't know that we were going to be given so much help and guidance. The variety of levels I taught and the variety of the materials (which covered all four skills of the language) were real and just great."
Marianna – June/July 2007

"The staff really know their stuff! I never felt that I couldn't approach anyone for anything. I had a medical issue and everyone went out of their way to help me sort it out and accommodate me."
Helen – June/July 2007

"Absolutely knackering but well worth it! I think the content and structure is balanced well, even if there is a lot of grammar."
Sally – July/Aug 2007

"Meeting Sunday before the course started was a good introduction. I appreciated the staff organizing our bus tickets in advance for our social programs at the weekend."
Sana – July/Aug 2007

"I've had experience teaching before, but every practice I had showed me how much I can still learn. I wouldn't be confident in my abilities to teach had I not had the opportunities as I had here."
Sarah – Nov/Deb 2007

"I thought that the support that we received during the lesson plans was amazing. I enjoyed receiving feedback after each of my lessons and felt that it helped my growth as a teacher."
Bethany – Nov/Deb 2007

(Teacher Practice Component) " I believe this to be the most beneficial and warranted aspect of the course. I think a wealth of experience can be gained in the 10 hours of teaching time and the guidance and feedback was exemplary."
Morgan 2006

"The academic staff -- professional and competent. Supportive. No complaints."
Harry – June 2006

"The training sessions were helpful in presenting how a lesson should be handled."
Morgan – June 2006

"I have been extremely impressed from day one with the meticulous organization and flow of the course…it progresses in a neat and logical sequence so that you can gradually build up knowledge and technique." Helena July 2006

"Everyone was great. Some of the staff have impacted me more than they will ever know and I am so grateful to them. I feel like I have a skill that will help others and allow me to see the world. Thank you so much!"
Moriaha – Aug/Sep. 2006

"The social programs were awesome! This is an excellent program and I am so glad I chose to come to Chania!"
Laura – Aug/Sep. 2006

"I enjoyed the 1-to-1 project more than anything. The hours of teaching were fine and it was good to get a range of levels. I felt like the lesson planning help was extremely good."
Justin – Oct/Nov 2006

"The Chestnut Festival was a blast! Thanks for all the extra fun! I would recommend this school to anyone that asks!"
Amanda – Oct/Nov 2006

"The course info folder was my TEFL bible. It had great info in there and plenty of room for my papers that I accumulated during the course."
Kikelomo – Nov/Dec 2006

"It was both challenging and fun at the same time. There was a lot to learn in a brief period of time, but I think the instructors did an excellent job of presenting the information in a memorable context. I definitely made the right choice when I chose Via Lingua."
Erin – Nov/Dec 2006

"Everything was outlined from the 1st day. There were no surprises on what was due and when, which allowed us to plan ahead when we could." Elizabeth – May 2006

"My overall feeling of the course is that it was very professionally done, but not stiff. There was fun to be had while learning. The classes were intensive, but diverse enough to keep your attention." Gabriel – May 2006

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